Blip's mission and principles

Blip's mission is to help people to discover the best in original web series and to help web series producers make a sustainable living. In pursuing our mission we adhere to a set of rigorous standards.


Even with the Internet's ubiquitous distribution, close-to-unlimited inventory and easy duplication of media, Blip believes that rules of property still apply.

Unauthorized distribution of someone else's content is theft. High-tech theft is just as wrong, both legally and morally, as low-tech theft. We police our site just like retailers police their stores, and we don't tolerate theft.

Our producers work hard giving voice to their creativity in video, and we won't let anyone rob them of their effort. We also won't tolerate robbers showing their merchandise on our site.

We are fans of "copyleft" licenses such as those offered by Creative Commons. We encourage everyone to look into Creative Commons licenses and adopt them. Every video released under a copyleft license enriches the (lowercase) creative commons in a significant way.


We will not traffic in pornography. Blip is a place for series about ideas and entertainment. We want everyone to feel comfortable coming to our site and having their children and grandparents check it out as well. We're proud to be a venue for series that is well-lit, bright, organized and clean, and we are dedicated to keeping Blip exactly this way.


We believe that producers and viewers are stakeholders in Blip as much as our employees, founders and shareholders. Blip was designed, and continues to evolve, with the goal of serving each of these communities. We make every effort to develop tools, technologies and environments that these communities can take pride in and find useful.

We are dedicated to maintaining an excellent relationship with producer and viewer communities and their individual members, whether or not they are Blip users. We make every effort to participate in community forums and to be helpful in every way possible to members of the community.

The original Blip was designed based on direct interaction with the videoblogging community. We continue to be grateful to this community and to seek advice from its members, even as the community has evolved and grown over the years. We still get great advice from producers and viewers at BBQs across the country and get-togethers around the world, and we're always open to making changes based on community feedback. At Blip, we see software development as a collaborative effort between our company and the communities it serves.


We live in an age characterized by the democratization of expression.

We love that professional and up-and-coming independent producers can create entertaining series and gain audiences of millions. We celebrate that they can produce original series as their full time job and make hundreds of thousands of dollars a year, or more. Their only constraint is the limit of human creativity.

We believe that this liberation of the means of production is one of the most important things to happen in recent history. It allows anyone to create the next great sitcom or to share the reality of daily life across cultural boundaries. This is a beautiful thing, and we are dedicated to furthering this democratization in a way that respects intellectual property rights and in a venue where everyone feels comfortable.


We live in an economy of plenty. We believe it is in the interests of the community and in the interests of Blip to be open with media and with data about media. At Blip we are not building a walled garden but instead are actively working to break down walls to enable the free and open sharing of media and metadata throughout the Web.