Rally Against Police Abuse in Solidarity with Anaheim, CA

People across the nation are outraged after finding out that the Anaheim Police Department killed an unarmed man, Manuel Diaz, on Saturday, July 21st, then randomly began shooting into a crowd of women and children with non-lethal rounds, and unleashing a K-9 dog on a woman and a baby, and then killed another man the following day.

On Friday, July 27th, Austin joined with cities across the nation to come together in peaceful protest against the violence of the Anaheim Police Department, and against the violence of police departments across the nation.

Back Story: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dpeyv6-FlzU

Other cities holding rallies : Dallas Harlem Oakland Portland San Francisco Riverside

Filmed at the downtown police station in Austin, Texas. Produced for Austin Indymedia. Video Produced/Edited by Jeff Zavala. Videography by Meg Seidel. A ZGraphix Production. http://zgraphix.org

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