The Panasonic AG-AF100 Video: Camera Cinemized by Zacuto

DSLR cameras have allowed filmmakers to have a great advantage – the ability to utilize a relatively inexpensive camera to shoot large format, hi-def video rather than using expensive dedicated video cameras. Now, Panasonic has announced their first entry into the forthcoming hybrid DSLR/video camera market - the Panasonic AG-AF100. With the capacity to maximize the potential of its high-resolution, large-format imager and all the professional video camera features you expect from a pro video camera -filmmakers can have the best of both worlds. Steve Weiss and Jens Bogehegn had the opportunity to see the Panasonic AG-AF100 up close and personal when Jan Crittenden, Panasonic’s Product Line Business Manager visited Zacuto’s headquarters in Chicago, Illinois. “It was great to have Jan, Tom and Ned from Panasonic stop by so we could test out the new kid on the block. It is an amazing camera, which addresses the issues that DSLR’s have. However as a palm-style camera, it still has a limited ability to be shoulder mounted in a professional manner and to add professional accessories like matte boxes and follow focuses. As I expected, our tried and true Universal Base Plate works on this camera perfectly. In fact, with the addition of the HDMI out on the camera, we can pair our Z-Finder EVF with the AF-100 to make it a fully capable and very comfortable shoulder rig which will have that familiar feeling to the pros - as if using a Varicam,” said Jens. For more information on the new Panasonic hybrid DSLR Video Camera and additional product specs, please visit: Panasonic AG-AF100 Video Camera Specs include: - Four Thirds type image sensor and Micro Four Third lens mount. - Professional high quality videos in PH mode with Full HD Variable Frame Rate function. - Interfaces (HD SDI output/ XLR input) and design required for professional production work. - Internal ND filter: 1/4, 1/16,1/64 or Off (rotary switch). - Focus-assist function: edge coloration, focus bar display. - DRS (Dynamic Range Stretch): automatically reduces compression of black or blown highlights in high contrast scenes. - thumbnail viewing, clip deletion and SD card to SD card copying and meta-data recording functions. - Pre-rec and interval rec functions. - Relay recording: Relay recording from one SD card to another without interrupt. - WFM display functions: the wave form of the video being recorded is easily displayed on an LCD monitor. -Shot mark function: the useful shot mark function allows marking of clips as good, bad or others. - User buttons: three user buttons allow high-frequency functions to be performed with a single push. - Audio volumes: allows manual adjustment of audio inputs (2ch). - Video output (pin jack x1), HD/SD SDI output (BNC x 1), HDMI output (HDMI Type A x 1). - USB 2.0 (Type B) allows connection to PC/Mac. - XLR audio inputs (XLR x 2, Line/Mike selectable, +48V compatible), internal microphone (stereo). - Audio outputs (RCA x 2), Headphone (stereo mini jack x 1(3.5mm diameter)). - Camera Remote (super mini jack x 1, S/S, mini jack x 1; focus, iris).

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