THE MUPPETS: Right Where They Belong

The Geekiest movie of the year? Quite possibly.

If you were born in the 70′s or 80′s, the Muppets are as much a part of your childhood as the Transformers, Arnie, MJ, Voltron and G.I.Joe combined.

So when Jason Segel and Disney team up to bring back some of entertainment’s most adored characters, the 7-year old geek inside us all stirs and we can’t quite explain it, but we get a little bit misty eyed at the sight of a felt frog, a blonde pig, and a bear with whoopie cushions.

An best of all, there’s no reimagining, no CG puppets and no bad surgery. They all look exactly the way remember.

These little fellas have skipped an entire generation, but now is the time for people of all ages to enjoy Henson’s genius on the big screen.

Right where they belong.

~Matt + Nat

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