1979 - Music Video

So ok. This is kinda' technically the first video I made. I worked on this video with my friend Shuuki who got me started learning the ropes. I had an idea in my mind, directed the video, and he gave me lots of help in editing.

This was done for a contest by Infendo where they were giving away a 'Rock Band: World Tour' set (game and instruments) and I had always had an idea in my head for a video to this song. What better time to work on it than now, right?

And yes. I won: http://www.infendo.com/rock-out-with-infendo-contest-winner-announced/

This video really got me to do my own series. Shuuki helped out SO much and really got me interested in how to edit well. And although he is now elsewhere and out of touch I will always remember his help and how much of an influence he was on me getting to where I am right now.


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