Shane Sparks Speaks at the Historic Synthesis Dance Center Grand Opening Pasadena

Shane sparks celebrity choreographer and actor/TV Personality Speaks at Dance Center. Synthesis Dance Center.

We are located on the fourth floor of the historical Pasadena Playhouse tower.

Synthesis offers an outstanding dance training and performing opportunity for all ages and levels and several unique programs to choose from.

Our facility includes three deluxe dance studios available for open classes, ranging from Ballet, Jazz, Contemporary, Modern, Fusion Jazz, Tap, Hip-Hop, Burlesque, Social Dance: Swing, Salsa, Ballroom, Argentine Tango, Milonga, Ethnic Dance Series: Indian, African, Greek, Armenian, Brazilian, as well as Fitness classes such as Yoga, Pilates, Zumba and more. We also offer weekly master classes and monthly workshops.

Most of our teachers are also choreographers and performers. Our unique master classes and workshops are taught by Celebrity Choreographers who have worked in the dance industry in several Dance Movies including "You Got Served", "Stomp the Yard", "Hairspray", "Take the Lead", and the "Step Up" Sequel. Also in many Television Projects including "American Best Dance Crew", "Dancing with Stars", "So You Think You Can Dance", as well as with Celebrities like Justin Timberlake, Destinys Child, Beyonce, Usher, Janet Jackson, Britney Spears, Christina Aguilera, and so many more.

The Academy at Synthesis is a training ground for students, ages 2-17. The school offers an Academic Year and Summer Program, beginning with the Youth Program and continuing through the most advanced pre-professional classes, The Academy provides children with an opportunity to explore the world of dance and to enrich their appreciation for various forms of art. Students will also have performance opportunity by participating on Synthesis recitals, concerts, and competitions on various stages of Los Angeles and Pasadena throughout the academic year.

The Artist Development Project is designed for teens and young adults pursuing an artistic career in the entertainment industry. This program will take talented and promising students to the highest-level possible in their vocal, theatrical and dance abilities as well as provide them with the tools they need to succeed in fulfilling their destiny.

Synthesis Performing Arts, a non-profit company founded in 1989, has staged several productions including concerts, festivals, awards presentations, and showcases featuring works of guest artists and choreographers locally, nationally, and internationally.

Synthesis Performing Arts is the proud founder of Teen Choreographers, Singers and other Performers Jamboree commonly known as, T-Jamz. By showcasing the positive and creative energy of teen talent, this project will establish a new institute for cultural enrichment and education of arts for young people all around the world.

This program presents the opportunity for foreign dance students to travel to the United States and receive dance training from Americas best dance teachers. Experience life in Los Angeles, California, as well as meeting new friends from all over the world, this short-term dance study and cultural exchange program is hard to pass up. Program includes intensive dance workshops, basic tutoring in conversational English, field trips to best local attractions, and participation in a showcase performance.

We encourage you to register and become a part of Synthesis Dance Family.

If you have a passion to dance, let us polish your skills. It will be unmatched lifetime experience.

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