Workout with Erica Nix: Culvert Warm Up with TimPo S2 E2

Thanks to our Sunday class for meeting us on location this week in the dried up culvert at Pleasant Valley and Lyon! And thanks Tim Pope for the swizz beets! NYC! Meet us October 10th at Battery Park, and wear some neon or something!!! Check Facebook for details!

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Workout! with Erica Nix

Erica Nix is on a Mission... to make working out fun again! She's a sexy cigarette smoking, wise-cracking red head that doesn't judge. Shot in beautiful Austin, Texas Erica's workouts seem plucked right out of the 1980's VHS workout craze that gave us Richard Simmons and relaunched Jane Fonda's career. The show is produced, shot and edited by Jessica Gardner (Drunk Dial, A Child's Christmas in Texas) and features visual effects by A Scanner Darkly Animator Craig Staggs. Workout with Erica Nix is Fan Funded by fine folks like you. Please subscribe, share and donate at