Whatcha Gonna Queue? Episode 6 - As Far Back As I Can Remember I Always Wanted to Be Whatcha Gonna Q

With Halloween a distant memory, Thanksgiving just out of reach and Christmas still over the horizon, we know that you boys and girls need something to celebrate. ;How about Martin Scorsese, the legendary filmmaker who turns 69 next week and is tops on the list of Jim's man crushes? Yes, Whatcha Gonna Queue returns this week with more great DVD recommendations including a dedication of For Your Consideration to our favorite Martin Scorese films. The other films discussed include: - Scott Pilgrim vs. The World, directed by Edgar Wright - Ace in the Hole, directed by Billy Wilder What Scorsese films do we love you ask? Allow us to enlighten you: - The Departed, which finally got Marty his (consolation?) Oscar - Bringing Out the Dead, which is not, despite its title, a straight-to-DVD B-horror flick. The contest for 6 free months of Netflix is still going on. Watch the show for details. If you already have Netflix, tell your lame friends without to watch and watch the show anyway because we love freedom. USA! USA!

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Whatcha Gonna Queue?

With a catalog of over 100,000 titles that's perpetuating at a rate that would make the national debt jealous, choosing what to watch from Netflix can be a wild card. Enter "Whatcha Gonna Queue" and co-hosts Jim Rohner and Alex Rabinowitz. Armed with brains saturated by pop culture and no more friends with the patience to listen to their ranting, every week these human recommendation engines highlight the best titles Netflix has to offer based on three categories: instant titles (Instant Karma), little known gems (What the @#$% is This?) and a timely theme (For Your Consideration). You don't HAVE to watch it, but then don't expect us to come to your birthday party afterward.