Whatcha Gonna Queue? Episode 1

Hear ye, hear ye -

I do declare that on this day, the 5th of October, co-hosts Jim Rohner and Alex Rabinowitz kick off the very first episode of "Whatcha Gonna Queue?" with the following recommendations for all your replicants and blade runners out there:

- "Splice," directed by Vincenzo Natali
- "Living in Oblivion," directed by Tom DiCillo
- "Kick-Ass," directed by Matthew Vaughn
- "Bug," directed by William Friedkin.

Whatcha Gonna Queue?

With a catalog of over 100,000 titles that's perpetuating at a rate that would make the national debt jealous, choosing what to watch from Netflix can be a wild card. Enter "Whatcha Gonna Queue" and co-hosts Jim Rohner and Alex Rabinowitz. Armed with brains saturated by pop culture and no more friends with the patience to listen to their ranting, every week these human recommendation engines highlight the best titles Netflix has to offer based on three categories: instant titles (Instant Karma), little known gems (What the @#$% is This?) and a timely theme (For Your Consideration). You don't HAVE to watch it, but then don't expect us to come to your birthday party afterward.