Wendy and Lucky Diamond

Wendy Diamond is the leading Pet Lifestyle expert, TV Personality and Animal Rescue Advocate. "The Martha Stewart of the milk and bone dish" (The New Yorker), dubbed Pet Diva by the New York Post, crowned the "Canine Queen" by Forbes Magazine and is a frequent pet lifestyle contributor to NBCs Today Show, Fox and BetterTV. With her charismatic presence and undeniable pet knowledge, she has starred in television shows on CBS, NBC, Animal Planet, and with her rescued Maltese Lucky Diamond was one of three judges on CBS 2008 summer primetime hit show Greatest American Dog! She has been featured in numerous publications including Forbes, Time, People, The New Yorker and Vogue. After writing two best selling books titled How To Understand Men Through Their Dogs and How To Understand Women Through Their Cats, she became the face of Chicken Soup for the Soul What I learned from My Dog and What I learned from My Cat. Random House is publishing Diamonds next entertaining albeit informative book titled Its a Dogs World. In 1999, Wendy Diamond, Chief Pet Officer and Editorial Director, created Animal Fair, (fairness to animals) the first lifestyle magazine/website/events company for animal lovers in support of fairness to animals! Animal Fair is dedicated to highlighting non-profit animal organizations giving them the opportunity to tell their inspirational stories and to provide contact information so that our readers can become involved. Celebrities we have featured for their love for animals and support of welfare include Beyonce, Brad Pitt, Mickey Rourke, President Obama and family, Adrian Grenier, Diane Lane, Renee Zellwegger, Charlize Theron, Matt Leinart, Sarah Michele Gellar, Shania Twain, Eric McCormack, Renee Zellweger, Kristin Davis, Brad Pitt, Drew Barrymore, Halle Berry, Bo Derek and Tom Hanks.