Watchman Video Broadcast 09-23-12, The Ceremony Part 2

Pastor Mike Hoggard sheds further light on the not-so-hidden occult symbolism of the 2012 Olympics Closing Ceremony. *** You would have to be living under a rock not to ask yourself, "What on earth is happening to our world these days?" If you classify yourself as a Watchman on the Wall, it is not an exaggeration that this video is absolutely vital and will probably take more than one sitting to grasp all the information presented. We are actually living in two colliding worlds. One is light, love and salvation through our Mighty God, the Lord Jesus Christ that was completed before the foundations of the world; and the other one is darkness, chaos and death. *** The Closing Ceremony of the 2012 Olympics was a carefully orchestrated ritual, an initiation into worship of the dark prince. Even if unaware, the viewers are being indoctrinated -- ideas and thoughts are being planted to draw them to worship the creation more than the Creator. Pastor Mike artfully pulls threads from ancient myths, writings of renowned occultists, world religions, catastrophic events, and ties them together with Holy Scriptures to reveal satan’s plan for a new world order. Discover how mankind is being ritually initiated into deeper levels of this understanding to fully accept the rise of the Phoenix, the Antichrist, and bow to this coming beast. The closing ceremony takes its place in a line of prophetic events that tell us the world is on the verge of total collapse -- economically, politically and religiously. ***
The Bible warns us not to be astonished at the fiery trial that is to come upon us and that we will be baptized with the Holy Ghost and with fire. There will be no place to hide, except in Christ. Are you ready? *** Visit

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