Squad Series / Horror-Shock Absorber Technology

The shape and construction of the two hard wood inlays has been re-designed for 2009/10! The Horror-Shock Absorber will now withstand the weight of a compact car and makes the Squad boards extremely strong and durable. It is milled into the core in the binding area towards the nose and tail. The H-shaped inlay absorbs all shocks and blows of hard landings and huge jumps. Watch this movie to get scary details of this technology inside the Squad Series...

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Volkl Snowboards

Since Völkl’s conception, more than 90 years ago, our goal has remained the same: to build outstanding products, with unbeatable riding characteristics. Our motivation is happy shredder! It’s their ultimate ride that we live and work for. But what really sets us apart from the competition is our in-house research and development department. They try, test and incorporate new high-tech materials into our products, which other brands haven’t even heard of. In so doing we forever better the performance of our gear, staying one step ahead of the progression of snowboarding. If technology is the brain of Völkl Snowboards, our team riders are its heart. They are out there every day, putting our boards to the test in the most extreme conditions. As a result, only technology that has proved its worth in powder, pipe or park, is incorporated into our line, so more happy customers. As long as the snow keeps falling our aims won’t change for the next 90 years… ever improving, more tech products that make your snowboard experience better. For more information go to www.volkl-snowboards.com