2010 Olympic Resistance Gets Wild

More info: no2010.com | olympicresistance.net | vancouver.mediacoop.ca | 2010.mediacoop.ca Angry Bystander: “You don’t have the support of the public” Calm Anarchist: “We are the public” From yesterday’s anarchist presence in the “family friendly” Take Back Our City march directed against the Olympic opening ceremonies to this morning’s anarchist-organized Heart Attack directed at blocking road access to the first day of Olympic games, the anarchists and especially black bloc contingent have been a strong force of resistance here in the Unceded Coast Salish Territory. That’s often true at such convergences. What’s especially striking here, though, is how disciplined and strategically–even politically–effective they’ve been, and how much respect they’ve earned through their organizing efforts leading up to this point as well as their actions on the streets.

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