The Easter Egg Hunter: Super Mario Sunshine Secrets

Welcome to the Easter Egg Hunter i am here to share and discuss some of the great secrets and hidden treasures that our video games have to offer, from secret levels to characters to the wierd, wacky and wonderful it will be covered right here. The music i have used for this video i bought from 1.Orchestral_Heroic_Main_Theme_(standard_licence) 05/09/2011 2.Infiltration_Main_Theme_(standard_licence) 05/09/2011 3.Flow_Main_Theme_(standard_licence) 03/07/2010 4.Emergency_Room_Situation_One_Main_Theme_(standard_licence) 05/09/2011 Follow Me On My Main Youtube Channel Follow Me On My Second Youtube Channel Follow Me On My Third Youtube Channel For exclusive updates about the channel and up and coming videos and events you can follow me and the channel on Twitter Facebook Facebook Fan Page This video contains me reviewing and showing some of the secrets for the video game super mario sunshine which was released on the nintendo gamecube in 2002, The video contains visuals of the game and all footage comes with indepth and educational voice overs and the video game footage lasts for over 5 minutes. The music at the beginning of the video is called 1.Orchestral_Heroic_Main_Theme_(standard_licence) the next piece of music is 2.Infiltration_Main_Theme_(standard_licence) followed by 3.Flow_Main_Theme_(standard_licence) followed by 4.Emergency_Room_Situation_One_Main_Theme_(standard_licence) The music i have used for this video i bought from and i have the licence to use the music synchronised in an audio/visual context non-exclusively worldwide ( i also have a copy of the licence that was sent to me once i had purchased the music dated 05/09/2011 and 03/07/2010

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The Easter Egg Hunter

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