Vendetta Pro Wrestling TV Episode 12 (04/03/13) (HD)

VENDETTA PRO WRESTLING TV EPISODE # 12 TV DATE AIRED: 4/3/13 COMMENTATORS: JOSEPH DUNCAN & J. LLOYD REED Vendetta Pro Wrestling TV returns with an action-packed edition featuring three awesome matches! In the first match, Disco Machine defends the Vendetta Pro Tri-Force Championship against Todd Chandler and Mario Banks. Then, "Apostle" Judah Matthew takes on Gangrel The Vampire Warrior! Finishing up, SoCal Crazy goes one-on-one with El Hijo de Rey Misterio! CREDITS: MATCHES FILMED AND EDITED BY: (Highlight Media), Christina Bearce and Jason Reed ENTRANCE VIDEOS AND GRAPHICS: Christopher "TAK" Clark STILL PHOTOS PROVIDED BY: We Flash Photography COMMENTARY BY: Joseph Duncan and Jason Reed TELEVISION SHOW PRODUCED BY: Christopher "TAK" Clark

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