Balance - (Teaser and Campaign Promo)

Visit our IndieGoGo page for more info and to add your support! "Balance" is the story of two detectives, hot on the trail of a suspected serial killer. Justin Freeman takes department-rookie Cris O'Dallin with him to break into the apartment of the suspect in order to find a crucial piece of evidence that awaits within, and unwittingly unveils something far greater than he ever imagined. This is a mystery that crosses paths with fantasy, wrapped in unique imagery and an unpredictable endgame that takes one step into a larger fictional world. This is also a student film production that represents the culmination of our year at Toronto's Trebas Institute. Our small crew wants to create something we can be proud of. We want to take this film to festivals and begin our careers with a strong start. And we want it to be an excellent end-product for any discerning viewer, as well.

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