VZW Episode 5 Commentary

Mind-altering VZW Episode 5 commentary has arrived! Is VZW Episode 5 the best VZW Episode of all time? Do cheap, $4 witches hats float, unassisted, in the ocean? Learn the answer to one of these questions in this too-hot-for-TV* audio commentary! From the original episode description: The best laid plans oft go awry. The worst ones seem to live on in renown. Watch Vampire Zombie Werewolf at vampirezombiewerewolf.com Twitter: @VZWshow Like us on Facebook: KATR Pictures VZW is a new Webseries from KATR Pictures. *Too hot for extremely prude TVs only.

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Vampire Zombie Werewolf

After partnering with a not-so-classic suburban couple, a webseries producer with a string of derivative, monster-themed successes learns that the deadly creatures of his imagination are real. And they love his work. He'll have one night to help the couple climb the undead social ladder by dreaming up a new, vampire-inspiring webseries that doesn't suck… or become the victim of his most rabid fans.