Why the future of all media starts with mobile – with Patrick Reynolds of Triton Digital

To say the emergence of mobile has caused a mass media shift would be, well, an understatement. Television, newspapers and radio are in the process of being reinvented whether they like it or not. The media industry is slowly folding over itself and the blurring between traditional print, television and radio is happening right before our eyes. I dare you to find one outlet that isn’t encroaching on another today – this isn’t creative destruction anymore, this is a land grab with huge economic consequences. As the incumbents try to figure things out they are moving at a pace suitable for a different era altogether. This has left the door open for brand new companies, free of the encumbrances of towers and tubes and cables and presses and free to invent new business models, revenue sources and distribution methods that are just simply out of the grasp of today’s big media. But all is not lost. The simple scale of audience the legacy companies have should never be overlooked – they are starting from a strong (albeit eroding) base. And after years of false starts, some of these labouring legacy lords are making smart strategic decisions proving they aren’t dead and don’t plan on rolling over any time soon. So how do these companies turn their audience into revenue and what are the real challenges facing this new breed of mobile-first media company? Patrick Reynolds, Chief Strategic Officer of Triton Digital and I dive head long into these and many other pressing issues facing the media industry today.

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