This Week in Location Based Marketing #111: The telematics war, fiscal cliff & Guatemalan hijack

For the other 110 episodes, visit Welcome to episode #111 of This Week in Location Based Marketing. On today’s show: A quick look at the state of telematics, Parking Douche, and a great campaign from Meat Pack in Guatamala. Plus our usual M&A and funding activity, our resource of the week and special guest Greg McCalister, co-founder and CEO of PushPoint Mobile Show highlights: 1. Patch and Starbucks help avert the fiscal cliff (7:06) 2. Roamz launches “A Street View For Social” (10:35) 3. Parking Douche makes you think carefully about where you park…in Russia (16:12) 4. Google partnering with Kia sparks a telematics update with Apple, Nokia, Microsoft and RIM (20:40) 5. Meat Pack, a Guatemalan shoe company, kills it with their Hijack campaign (29:25) Featured Guest Greg McCalister co-founder and CEO – PushPoint Mobile. (34:55) Funding / M&A News 1. Groupon buys CommerceInterface (43:50) 2. Squeakee raises Angel round raises $8M (47:15) 3. Kyruss gets $11M for big data health IT (48:53) Resource of the Week First Data – Transforming the Customer Experience (53:50)

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