m-Pulse Episode #8: Developers Developers Developers - with Andreas Constantinou of Vision Mobile + Millennial Media's MobileMix and Chomp

Welcome to our new show - m-pulse - the show that explores the most important ideas not getting their fair shake in other outlets, brings in depth interviews with the minds shaping the mobile industry and highlights some of the companies or products that have moved the industry forward.

This episode kicks off our focus on developers with Andreas Constantinou of Vision Mobile. His company has just released the Cross-Platform Developers Tools 2012 report - an analysis on the over 100 cross-platform development tools, vendors and metrics of developer experience. Our conversation highlights some of the key findings of the report and Andreas' opinion on where things are heading in the mobile app development world.

In our "big ideas" segment, Peggy highlights Millennial Media's MobileMix Device Index for 2011 and Rob dives into the importance of being found in the various app stores and why Apple bought Chomp to help do just that.

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