m-Pulse #13: The social impact of mobile with Anne Shongwe

Developers, that's what we are focusing on now here on m-Pulse. All the challenges that developers must overcome in order to succeed in deploying apps and services into the mobile ecosystem.

We are focused on the social entrepreneur today and ways mobile developers can attack a social issue with mobile. Our guest is Anne Shongwe, founder and CEO of AFROES in Pretoria, South Africa and both of us were enthralled with her story. She is a perfect example of how mobile can be used to change behaviour, educate and raise economies. Mobile may just be the single most important revolution developing countries have ever had.

In keeping with our focus on the social good and mobile, Peggy implores you to participate in the Developer Economics Survey of 2012 - to make sure your voice is heard and Rob focuses on the need to think about social applications on more than one specified day of the year (this time around it was Earth Day).

A special plug to Mobile Web Africa April 25-26, 2012. Follow them on twitter here.

Our Goblet of Rock goes out to the folks building social applications around the world that are changing society for the better - including AFROES' Moraba game.

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