m-Pulse #12: The mobile UI/UX imperative with Arturo Toledo of Microsoft

Developers, that's what we are focusing on now here on m-Pulse. All the challenges that developers must overcome in order to succeed in deploying apps and services into the mobile ecosystem.

This week it is all about the user - user interface design and user experience with Arturo Toledo, Senior User Experience Designer in the Windows Phone Design Studio at Microsoft. This is a fascinating discussion on UI/UX and the importance of nailing both before laying a line of code. Arturo and his team should know - they are the team behind Metro - the new operating system from Microsoft.

In keeping in line with our new developer and app focus, our Big Ideas segment takes a look at the Instagram purchase by Facebook and what that means to the mobile ecosystem. We also take a look at Tomi Ahonen's list of largest mobile social networks - or as Peggy likes to call it, the mobile social shopping list for Google and Twitter.

Our Goblet of Rock goes out to IJM Mobile.

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