How one company found a niche business porting board games to mobile - with Chris Ewington, founder of Sage Board Games

Know your audience. We pay lip-service to this statement quite often as entrepreneurs - we get stuck on an idea and are able to convinced ourselves that it is the right idea to take to market. The same could be said about the mobile space these days - there are ideas that turn into product and flourish, others that fall flat or can't find a big enough audience to build a solid revenue foundation. What is the difference between the two? Knowing your audience.

How does a mobile developer build a company from an existing and known audience? How important an ingredient is passion and community in the success equation? Can you drive revenue through a niched and fickle market? Is there a business porting board games into mobile games? I invited Chris Ewington, founder of Codito Development Inc., purveyors of the Sage Board Games brand to answer these questions.

Mobile opens opportunities that didn't exist before and for Chris this meant taking a passion for games and recreating them in a digital realm with a die-hard audience. There are a number of lessons to be learned here - not the least of which is the continuing trend of massive opportunity in product development and the democratization of entrepreneurship all thanks to mobile.

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