Episode #437: The 9 skills you need to launch your app – with OOOMF co-founder Mikael Cho

What does it take to launch an app? We all know the value of mixing an incredible idea with a great software engineer and innovative and intuitive UI/UX but that does not ensure success does it? No. Launching an app means wearing multiple hats and being able to stretch to overcome incredible obstacles. In a follow-up to our previous episode (From noodles and hot sauce to funding in 9 weeks – with OOOMF co-founder Mikael Cho) with Mikael Cho of OOOMF, I brought him back to discuss the 9 key skills everyone needs to have in order to give your app launch a chance. Some of these may surprise you – like becoming an icon designer or movie producer – but listening to the reasoning Mikael offers will make these skills make sense to you. Giving yourself a competitive advantage when launching an app is imperative and what Mikael and his team have created at LaunchThisYear.com could make the difference for your labour of love. Check the episode out and then get over to their site to get moving in the right direction.

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