Episode #436: How culture impacts success in mobile – with Ericsson ConsumerLab’s Jasmeet Sethi

If there is one thing that we know it’s that the mobile affliction is not localized – this is a worldwide phenomenon. It should not come as any surprise that mobile means different things to the people around the planet and to the diverse cultures that inhabit earth. We use smartphones differently even if we are all now closer digitally to each other than we were before. It is in these cultural differences that could spell success or failure for many companies interested in building a business within the emerging markets. According to Jasmeet Sethi, Regional Head of Consumer Insights for Ericsson ConsumerLab in India, the greatest challenge is really understanding the user experience for emerging markets. Forget your perceptions of UI/UX if you are thinking of swipes or “pull to refresh” or tap and hold, user experience to Jasmeet means something altogether more fundamental. We take for granted the almost pervasive access to high speed wireless data we have have at our fingertips but, as you know, in certain parts of emerging countries that doesn’t exist. This is a critical first step in understanding how to build for these markets – if your app or mobile service requires an always-on connection to the stream, it will not work in much of India. This, and many other basic usability requirements, could do irreparable damage to great brands and limit success in these huge markets. This episode of full of insights into this market including how Sethi and his team have changed their approach to data collection because of mobile, their two key learnings as a result of this transition to mobile research, how to decide what data to collect and what to leave and where his industry must evolve to in order to continue adding value.

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