Chaotic Moon: How they went from Rupert Murdoch's The Daily to Sesame Street's Grover to the Board of Awesomeness - with whurley and Phil Wheat

When you call something the "Board of Awesomeness" you clearly need to deliver on the promise. Who else better to do so than evil genius whurley and his team of brains at Chaotic Moon Labs. They unleashed the Board of Awesomeness at CES this year as a part of a broader master plan yet to be released. Why is it being covered here? Watch the first part of the episode to see it in action.

When we last connected with whurley it was around the time he launched Chaotic Moon (found here) and it was an episode for the ages. This time around we get a quick run through of the things they've been up to including Rupert Murdoch's The Daily and Sesame Street's classic Grover tale, The monster at the end of this book. Why has this small company been able to build some of the most innovative and advanced mobile applications out there? What is the big picture for the Board of Awesomeness? The answers are in here.

Joining whurley in this episode is Phil Wheat, keeper of the Board of Awesomeness and Manager of Chaotic Moon Labs.


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