Season 2 - Episode 5 - Inflatable Girlfriend

Burke thinks that the only way to keep Lori is to let her see him with his fabricated girlfriend Natalie - a blow-up doll. Lori, knowing that Burke has a "date" with his girlfriend, grabs a pair of binoculars and jumps into the bushes, so that she can see for herself who Burke loves more. Kevin, Burke's roommate, helps out by holding the doll up from behind to give Lori a good show, that is until the doll deflates. It convinces Lori that Burke loves Natalie more than he could ever love her. To prove her wrong, he breaks up with Natalie over the phone. Lori thinks he's so heatless that she dumps him. Kip, attempts to show his phony goalie prowess to his crush Rebecca, a huge hockey fan. She's impressed all right, and he asks her out. When her back is turned, Kip takes off his goalie mask. He's got a monster zit on his nose, and he can’t let Rebecca see it. He tells her that he can't take his mask off because he's breaking it in. She agrees to go out with him the next night. On his way to pick her up, his "vintage convertible won't start, but his nasal headlight is on high. Hope is telling Tess about her amazing date and the "phenomenal sex" she had with Alex the previous night. Tess is angry with "George" for standing her up. Alex appears for another date with Hope and she gets Tess to leave. Thinking that Hope is acting suspicious, Tess spies on them from the hallway. She figures out that Hope stole her date. She bangs on Hope's door and attacks her - a catfight ensues. Finding out the truth, Alex and Tess are furious with Hope. The women then flip a coin for Alex, and Tess wins.


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