Season 1 - Episode 26 - Bi-Gones

"He Ain't Gay, He's My Brother": Joel finds out that Ned is lying about having a girlfriend, and they both figure out that each other is gay. They then come up with a fun plan to play with the brothers' mind so that they could come out to each other. When the brothers come back, They find Ned and Joel talking about tattoos, because Joel is a tattoo artist. Ned is thinking of getting a heart on his ass, and shows the brother his ass. Brick questions about the heart, and Joel interrupts him saying that Andy has a tattoo on his ass. He also reveals that's how they met. Brick questions about his tattoo, and brushes it off. Ned fakes on going forward with the tattoo, and Joel offers them a deal, a 2 for 1. But the thing is that Joel doesn't have enough red dye, so Ned accompanies him to get it from his car, but they actually are listening to the brothers and how they act. They then return, and Brick talks about leaving, because eariler, Andy asked him to. Ned and Joel panics, and Ned confesses his love to Joel. They then kiss, and Andy calls it wrong, Ned questions about love, and Brick steps in saying that he is suppose to be loving someone else, and Joel steps in kissing Andy. Brick questions Andy, Ned tells him that he is just kissing his boyfriend and he kisses him. They all break out of the kiss, and the brothers stare at each other, telling each other "YOU'RE GAY!?!"; Joel and Ned decides to have some tea, while the brothers work it out. Brick and Andy reveal to each other about their early stages on being gay."Bi-Gones": Dean's sister, Samantha is getting married to her gay friend named Jonathan so he could stay in the country. Dean is having trouble with Claire, and he hits on Joan, Samantha's bridesmaid. They then kiss, and Samantha walks in on them, and is furious. Claire then steps in is very furious. Claire tells him that he is her boyfriend! And Dean is appalled that it was her first use of saying boyfriend. Samantha talks to Joan about it, and they end up kissing. Jonathan is also there, and Kirk, which is presumably his best man, end up kissing Jonathan. Samantha and Joan goes to their side of the house, while Kirk and Jonathan does the same. "Plus One": Cootie crashes Dee's car, and ends up in the jail. Dee, Jackie, and Cootie work out each others differences so they all could be happy.

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