SPACE 2012 Prize Presentation

2012 SPACE Prize Winners Presented by: Bob Corby General Category 1st Place (Tie) Kiss & Tell A Romantic Resume Ages 0 to 22 Harper Perennial MariNaomi No One is Safe Kreider-Wirick LLC Katherine Wirick General Category 3rd Place Wild Child #1 Fight or Flight M Young Minicomic - Short Story Category 1st Place And Then One Day #9 Elephant Eater Comics Minicomic - Short Story Category 2nd Place “The Only Two” from Panel #18 Ferret Press Writer: Tony Goins Artist: Andy Bennett Minicomic - Short Story Category 3rd Place As Eavesdropped #3 Suzanne Baumann Webcomic Category 1st Place Next Year’s Girl Katie Valeska Webcomic Category 2nd Place Smoke in Your Eyes The Rumpus MariNaomi Webcomic Category 3rd Place The Comicverse Awakening Comics Writer: Bianca Alu-Marr Artist: Steve Peters SPACE Life Time Achievement Award Bruce Chrislip Record at: Small Press and Alternative Comics Expo SPACE 2013

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