Where The Danube Kisses The Sava (Belgrade. Serbia) Webisode One

Final Destination for Season 3. The beautiful Belgrade, Serbia. In Webisode One we take a train ride around Kalemegdan and learn of its historical importance.

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The Golden Compass

Back in 2009 hip-hop artist Christopher Rudder (Dirt!, Alleyne & Temus) travelled to Europe for the first time. Documenting and editing the experience ignited a flame once he returned back home. When he returned in 2010 he launched Journey Of An Artist, a mini-documentary divided in 10 parts brought much more depth, research and music produced specifically for for each episode. For 2011, with his partner photographer Gordana Grubor he takes Journey Of An Artist to another level bringing beautiful videography, creative editing & photography (The Rudder Company), extensive research, great music and interactions with the locals. As a host Christopher is witty, charming and ready to have fun.