Redefining the Triathlon Team

#011 - Redefining the Triathlon Team, Triathletes Raising Money for Japan, and the Biggest Winner of Triathlon This week's show is made possible by MultiSport World Conference and Expo. Multisport World is the largest pre-season multisport event series on the east coast and in 2011 will draw 4,500+ multisport athletes, and on March 19th in Cambridge, MA, Triumph Triathlon will represent at the Boston expo!. Multisport World is also looking for teams all over the country to compete in their triathlon "Team Challenge". Find out more info at Quote of the Week: ?If everyone is moving forward together, then success takes care of itself.? Henry Ford 1) Main Topic: Redefining the Triathlon Team The most asked question of the day was, "So is a Triumph Triathlon a team?" Now, I think it's always hard to to define what a team is when the sport or activity you are talking about is mainly an individual effort during the event. YES... We are a team that.. - Trains together along side a dedicated triathlon coach - Attends races together - Hold monthly informational sessions with experts in their field such as... - Organizes social gatherings - Wears team apparel that makes us look good - Accept sponsorships from triathlon and non-triathlon related organizations NO... We are not a triathlon team in the traditional sense... - Membership is open to anyone, regardless of the skill. - Members are encouraged to step up and organize training sessions - Membership is FREE - The mission is to promote "can do" attitudes and help grow the lifestyle sport of triathlon - is the online portal to help help grow other local Triumph Triathlon teams around the world. Please let us know what you think about this week's topic!!! 2) News Topic: Triathletes Raise money for victims in Japan Fukushima triathlete couple Hiro Nishiuchi and his wife Maki and organisers of the Ironman triathlon have helped to raise more than S$30,000 for victims of the Japan quake. 3) Triathlete of the Week: JenniferLeah or Jennifer Small Two years ago I was very overweight (100+lbs heavier) and transitioned into a healthy life and discovered running. Through a running friend, I was inspired to try triathlon. I fell in love and now it is the main focus of my racing and training. I love the challenge of multisport and have found the triathlon community to be filled with quality people! FINISH LINE: 1) Sponsor: MultiSport World Conference and Expo 2) My Training Update: Quincy Half Marathon, I broke my PR for a half marathon! 3) Please subscribe to the show on iTunes and give us a rating!

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Triumph Triathlon is an online and local community organization founded in January of 2010 whose mission is to promote CAN DO attitudes, healthy lifestyles, and a supportive environment all through the wonderful sport of triathlon.