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#005 - Make it a Great Day, The Social Network, and Triumph Triathlon Going Global Quote of the Week: "Fear not for the future, weep not for the past" Percy Bysshe Shelley Hello and welcome to the show! My name is Ruben Austria, Founder of Triumph Triathlon, "An Inspired Community of Triathletes Inspiring Others". This week's quote, "Fear not for the future, weep not for the past". This quote is very fitting for this week's show because if I don't accept the past, and worry too much about the future, who I am presently would be very effective and obviously I wouldn't be able to "Make it a Great Day". I'll share my tips on exactly how I do that, everyday. is getting better everyday and now it's a social network! Well, not that social network (Facebook), but maybe just a little niche of it. Even still, Triumph is going global, and I'll explain that when I award this week's "Triathlete of the Week". 1) Make it a Great Day a) Mission Statement - Fire truck story b) Goals c) Sacred 6 d) Systems e) Continuing Education 2) The Social Network 3) Triumph Triathlon Going Global This week's Triathlete of the Week is Ryan Yazwinski. Why is Triumph going global, well, because Ryan happens to be from Canada, the one and only Triumph triathlete outside the USA... so far. For me, triathlon is an extension of the journey that I started on in August of 2009. Then I was 250+ lbs. My hips hurt, my knees hurt, I had no energy, stairs would wind me, driving was preferable to walking ? even short distances. I looked in the mirror one day and, facing my 42nd birthday in a few weeks, decided I really didn?t like what I saw, that it was only going to get harder to fix and set my mind and spirit to rehabilitating my life. FINISH LINE: 1) Triathlon Giveaway: This week's show is made possible by Hornet Juice, the premier sports drink which burns fat for extra energy and endurance. Before I announce this week's giveaway, I want to congratulate Christopher from Boston for his post on our giveaway from Christopher, Just for being yourself, an inspiring triathlete and sharing your story you win 2 pairs of compression sleeves from I'm going to do the giveaway a little differently this time, what is the most inspiring and motivating triathlon video you've ever seen? Please post the link below as a comments 2) My Training Update: Computrainer Session 3) Please subscribe to the show on iTunes and give us a rating!

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Triumph Triathlon is an online and local community organization founded in January of 2010 whose mission is to promote CAN DO attitudes, healthy lifestyles, and a supportive environment all through the wonderful sport of triathlon.