Attitude is Everything

#004 - Attitude is Everything, Officially Introducing the Triumph Life Challenge 2011, and I Wanna B Ironmommy This week's sponsor is 3bar, the ultimate all natural energy made by a triathlete for triathletes. Stay tuned later to see how you can win a box of 3bar. Please visit their website at Quote of the Week: When it snows, you have two choices: shovel or make snow angels. ~Author Unknown This week: Hello and welcome to the show! My name is Ruben Austria, Founder of Triumph Triathlon, "A Inspired Community of Triathletes, Inspiring Others". Weather in the Northeast has been retry terrible. Snowy, cold, wet, slushy, etc. It has been challenging to have a good attitude. The weather really inspired me to do this episode. 1) Main Topic: Attitude is Everything Crystal Myers - there no such thing as bad weather, only soft people. 2) News Topic: Officially Introducing the Triumph Life Challenge 2011 When was the last time you set out to do something big but in your mind you had no idea how you were going to do it or you weren't sure if you would succeed??.... Only to be pleasantly surprised, in the end you wind up surprising others and yourself by exceeding your expectations? Well, that pretty much describes my journey through triathlon. I started training for my first triathlon the summer of 2008. My biggest fear... the quarter mile swim. Ok, I knew to tread water for a reasonable amount of time, but for a quarter mile?? then bike 10 miles... then run 3 miles?? Sure I knew how ride a bicycle, but I didn't even own one. And I had run a marathon before.... but swim a quarter mile?? But you know what... in September 2008, I did my first sprint triathlon... In July 2009, I did my first olympic triathlon... In August 2010, I did my first half Ironman, and now... I'm training for my very first Ironman in July of this year. Did I exceed my expectations?? Absolutely. This year, The Triumph Life Challenge will sponsor 3 people into not just overcoming and conquering triathlon, it's about overcoming and conquering life. Triumph Triathlon. Triumph Life. For more details on how you can enter the Triumph Life Challenge 2011, please go to the "Challenge 2011" link on 3) Triathlete of the Week: I Wanna B Ironmommy wannabironmommy mom, triathlete, blogger... Recently separated from my husband, mother to 14 year old and 6 year old boys. Work full time, mommy all of the time, train when I can. Recovering from a knee injury, and a broken heart, with a goal of 2012 Lake Placid as my victory lap! FINISH LINE: 1) Triathlon Giveaway: What gives you the energy to train and race triathlons?? 2) My Training Update: A little blood can't stop me from my Ironman training. 3) Please subscribe to the show on iTunes and give us a rating! Make it a great day, Ruben

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Triumph Triathlon is an online and local community organization founded in January of 2010 whose mission is to promote CAN DO attitudes, healthy lifestyles, and a supportive environment all through the wonderful sport of triathlon.