ZoomCam, How to build your own! Trails of Doom Innovation, so Viewers can SEE the hits!

Best part about paintball is shooting your friends, and no action cam can pick up that as they don't have zoom. So over the past few years I have been working on using a high end video camera to capture what I saw while playing! Today I am using a tiny high end video camera and I play with it set at 12-15X zoom! I can then zoom in even more in post production, but it allows the viewer at home to SEE the hits! This is the way to film first person shooter paintball/airsoft videos.

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Follow FreeEnterprise as he plays paintball, and other entertaining hobbies. Paintball played in the woods, first person perspective, filmed dual camera by his newly invented ZoomCam where the viewer can SEE the hits even out to 300 feet. Large range of paintball discussion, including how to's, barrel tests, paint tests, equipment demonstrations, and general fun. Filmed in 1080HD.