Paintball Assassin Tips and Tricks, My Scenario Tactics Revealed

People often come up to me and ask me HOW I am able to get to the General on the other team? Well, in this video I lay out a ton of my tricks that I use. One of the main things is learning to NOT shoot when you see other players... If you are way over in the other teams camp area, and you do shoot, you become the most wanted man! Everyone will be gunning for you then, so be quiet, stay stealthy, trust your camo, and enjoy this video!

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Follow FreeEnterprise as he plays paintball, and other entertaining hobbies. Paintball played in the woods, first person perspective, filmed dual camera by his newly invented ZoomCam where the viewer can SEE the hits even out to 300 feet. Large range of paintball discussion, including how to's, barrel tests, paint tests, equipment demonstrations, and general fun. Filmed in 1080HD.