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October 5th Paintball Junkeez game1, I do some Flanking to see if we can hold our side, and win the game. This game was a small field game, where two teams were on opposite sides of a narrow field. In the middle was a cone. The objective of the game was to have a member of YOUR team touch the cone at the end of the game...

Head shots and body shots were the only way to "kill" the other players. Legs/Arms/gun hits didn't count. No respawn, once eliminated you were out for the rest of the game. I was using my Tippmann A-5 with my custom MonsterSpin barrel (Flatline plus Apex 2 set at 4 clicks) and I was shooting All Star Paintballs. I was shooting 250fps with my A-5 and around 270fps with my Tipx using 12 gram co2. I get around 21 shots out of each 12 gram co2 tank on my Tipx (3 mags) I was only carrying two full mag fed magazines in this game... I left some in the car thinking I wouldn't need them... Doh!

Enjoy! Assassin Sniper Ninja Kills!

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