Star Wars Fighter Pods Series 4 Hailfire Droid Toy Review, Hasbro

Set them up and knock them down! STAR WARS FIGHTERS PODS is a competitive action battle game featuring micro-sized STAR WARS figures and round pods that you launch, spin and roll for fast, fun fighting action! The HAILFIRE DROID pack comes with a HAILFIRE DROID vehicle launcher that features rapid launch and reload action. This Fighter Pods pack comes with four figures, including two special edition figures that are found only in this pack -- a DESTROYER DROID figure and SUPER BATTLE DROID figure. Take the battle online at (website available for a limited time). Rapid Launch and Reload The HAILFIRE DROID vehicle launcher features rapid launch and reload action that gives you a fast and fun new way to launch STAR WARS FIGHTER PODS pods. With the rapid loading action, you are ready to battle in no time. Just stamp the launcher tube down on the pods to load them into the tube, place the tube on the HAILFIRE DROID vehicle and flick the lever to launch the pods into battle. The pace is quick and exciting as you load, launch and reload the pods to keep on battling. Includes 1 vehicle launcher, 4 figures and 4 pods.

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