The Vessel Episode 9

Episode 9


A trip to the Natural History Museum causes an argument between the boys and a shock for them all.

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The Vessel

Rory and Mike want to have a baby together. This is where their best friend Kim comes in. The Vessel series follows Kim, Rory and Mike, as they start a very unconventional family. Over ten episodes we see the glories, strains and wonders of three people bringing a child into the world. How do their nearest and dearest feel about the situation? And what’s it really like to be a surrogate? Can such a modern family ever work out? Filmed ‘Peep Show’ style from Kim’s point of view you get to see all of the action through the surrogate’s eyes. To make this look as natural as possible we decided to film every episode as a single continuous take – a real window into the lives of these three complicated characters. To further maintain this sense of reality we also decided to make all of the dialogue improvised around a scripted storyline. It’s a new story and a very different way of film making. We invite you to take a look through the eyes of The Vessel.