Another Direction - STF Public Access 1.33

Title: Another Direction - STF Public Access 1.33

Description: This week STF: Public Access got a chance to sit in on Burger King's exit interview of "The Creepy King". I wonder what he's gonna do with all his free time?

Probably start using those free small coffee coupons . . .

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The Kardashian's Home videos:
Abe Lincoln:
The Cast:
Director - Zeke Thomas
Producer - Tyler Jolley (The Creepy King) Producer - Dallas James (BK HR)
Producer - Chad Winkles
Actor - Karen Brundage
Actor - Dorian Lipman
Actor -Sara Berger
Actor - Courtney Renee Fridley
Tags: burger king, burger, king, creepy king, creepy, hr, firing, fired, Dallas James, Zeke Thomas, Tyler Jolley, LA Connection, UCB, IO, Second City, Groundlings, the groundlings, improv, sketch, re-cap, sketch comedy, public access shows, The Stranger than Fiction Show, Stranger than Fiction, stfshow, the stf show, live show re-caps, low fi video, the state, whitest kids u know

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