Moronika - Make It Ash (BACKSTAGE ACCESS Ep 1)

Make it Ash - World premiere video of pop megastar Moronika. With so much money---she doesn't make it rain, she makes it ash!

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Directed by Kerry Coddett | Produced by Krystal Coddett | Written by Kerry Coddett | Music by Kerry Coddett and Jeremiah "Fresh Beatz" Thomas

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The Coddett Project

Created by writer, comedian, and actress Kerry Coddett, the Coddett project is a sketch comedy show that exposes the underlying motives behind common social, cultural and political interactions. Through a variety of different comedic vignettes ranging from traditional sketches, musical parodies, hidden camera encounters and animated pranks, the Coddett project operates under the premise that regardless of race, gender and economics, we are all more alike than dissimilar.