TCGS #52 - The Genuine Sadness Episode

This week we weren't in the mood for dumb stuff. It's been a long week and to be honest we're all in sort of a bad place. But that's okay. That happens sometimes. So this week we just submit to the sadness. No solutions, no happy endings, just genuinely sad stuff. The only escape from the swamp of sadness that is this episode are the songs of Xray Eyeballs and a completely happy video. Other than those two awesome things... genuine sadness.

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Chris Gethard, veteran improviser and comedian from the Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre in NYC, moves his successful talk show from the world of underground comedy to the world of underground television. Join Chris and friends, plus the mysterious Human Fish and Random Jean, as they navigate the weird waters of public access television and welcome heavy hitter guests and musical acts along the way.