TCGS #38 - The Birth of the Hintmaster

When Chris sets out to play the somewhat complicated word-game "Guess The Magic Word" he gets immediate feedback from the viewers that they are confused and bored by the game. In a last ditch effort to save the show, Chris and the TCGS team bring out the Hintmaster, a poorly realized and hastily created character dead-set on giving hints (and saving the show). Amazingly the Hintmaster, with help from hilarious bits by Dan Klein, Bananaman, and Murf, find a way to re-energize the show and turn a show about a confusing word-game into one of the most beloved episodes to date. Also, as the one beacon of hope throughout the entire show, the ridiculously awesome Mindtroll is able to keep spirits high and get people dancing the whole night.

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The Chris Gethard Show

Chris Gethard, veteran improviser and comedian from the Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre in NYC, moves his successful talk show from the world of underground comedy to the world of underground television. Join Chris and friends, plus the mysterious Human Fish and Random Jean, as they navigate the weird waters of public access television and welcome heavy hitter guests and musical acts along the way.