TCGS #28 - Ruin This Show

Chris has to deal with the consequences after going on national television and announcing on Late Night With Jimmy Fallon that he wanted everyone to come to the next taping of TCGS and attempt to ruin the show. No touching the panel. No touching equipment. Everything else was fair game. What resulted was a cacophony of chaos as performers and audience members alike came out in droves to ruin the Chris Gethard Show. Chris' only ally for the night was CollegeHumor's Jeff Rubin who made his first appearance on the show and waded through the insanity with Chris. Aside from Jeff the only other rest from the chaos were the amazing and hilarious dance routines of the bad-ass Cocoon Central Dance Team. In the end, Chris asked the audience to ruin the show, and the audience delivered. Consider this show ruined.

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The Chris Gethard Show

Chris Gethard, veteran improviser and comedian from the Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre in NYC, moves his successful talk show from the world of underground comedy to the world of underground television. Join Chris and friends, plus the mysterious Human Fish and Random Jean, as they navigate the weird waters of public access television and welcome heavy hitter guests and musical acts along the way.