THE BAY TOP 10 COUNTDOWN & 2 YEAR ANNIVERSARY SPECIAL - PART 1 Hosted by Mary Beth Evans (Sara Garrett), Kristos Andrews (Peter Garrett) and Dylan Bruce (Brian Nelson), THE BAY's 2 Year Anniversary Special is a Top 10 Countdown, showing the top 10 best moments of THE BAY. Written by Carol Hedgepeth and Gregori J. Martin. Also, special thanks to Associated Television International for providing LANY Entertainment with the studio, and Julie Hutchinson for assisting with the archive video clips.

The Bay

Centering around the town's elite, THE BAY follows the privileged, yet dysfunctional Bay City residents whose lives are riddled with sex, lies and scandals. Socialite Sara Garrett, her youngest son Peter, and those around them face a series of dilemmas that involve rape, blackmail, sordid lovers, and vindictive arch rivals. Whether by choice or necessity, the town’s privileged become entangled with those who confuse obsession for love, and power for success.