THE BAY: Confessions of the Garretts – Part 5 THE BAY: Confessions of the Garretts is a six part exclusive interview with the characters of Sara Garrett (Mary Beth Evans), Brian Garrett Nelson (Dylan Bruce), Marly Garrett Nelson-Foster (Martha Madison), and Peter Garrett (Kristos Andrews). Following the life of socialite SARA GARRETT and the people around her, THE BAY is a new Independent Soap Opera in the vein of Aaron Spelling's 1980's classic primetime hit, DYNASTY. Filled with sex, lies, scandal and everything required to make a hot dramatic series.

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Centering around the town's elite, THE BAY follows the privileged, yet dysfunctional Bay City residents whose lives are riddled with sex, lies and scandals. Socialite Sara Garrett, her youngest son Peter, and those around them face a series of dilemmas that involve rape, blackmail, sordid lovers, and vindictive arch rivals. Whether by choice or necessity, the town’s privileged become entangled with those who confuse obsession for love, and power for success.