#30- Somebody Feed Me

A few weeks ago, I added the Incra TSIII Fence System to my tablesaw. Unfortunately, my old outfeed table didn't really work with the new system. So its time to build a new one. This isn't your average outfeed table though. Its a full-size work table with a full shelf of storage. Perhaps the best part of all is the fact that it can be made with a modest collection of tools and just a few sheets of plywood. No fancy joinery here! This is what I like to call, a "Can Do" project. Enjoy! Edit*** - For those who are interested, here are some exact dimensions for you: Long Stretchers: 62" Short Stretchers: 38" Overall Dimensions: 65" L x 39 1/2" D x 33 3/4"H Heavy Duty Lifting Leveler
Lipped mounting bracket works to lift and creates greater stability. Each leveler has load-bearing capacity of 600 pounds. Adjust to within 2-1/4'' . Minimum installation height is 3". Requires 5mm he..Heavy Duty Lifting LevelerHeavy Duty Corner Levelers
Lift and level even large cabinets or furniture with these heavy duty corner levelers. Stability is assured!..Heavy Duty Corner LevelersDozuki Dovetail/Flush-Cut Saw
Combination dovetail/flush-cut saw features two interchangeable blades and 7-3/4" L bamboo handle. Dozuki dovetail blade measures 190mm L and has 24 tpi. Flush-cut blade measures 150mm L and has ..Dozuki Dovetail/Flush-Cut Saw

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