#19- Assembly Table Base

This video covers the construction of our assembly table base. I review every detail from cutting the sheetgoods to installing door and drawer hardware. If you like what you see and you are inspired to build your very own assembly table, downloadable plans are available at FineWoodworking.com/thewoodwhisperer. You can also view shorter versions of the videos right on the Finewoodworking.com site. But the full video will only be available here at TheWoodWhisperer.com. And here are a few links to products featured in the assembly table episodes: Concealed Hinge JIG IT® System
As seen in The Wood Whisperer Video Podcast! Drill concealed hinge cup holes with ease and accuracy. Easily locate, center and drill cup holes on cabinet doors for fully concealed hinges. Concealed Hinge JIG IT® SystemAssembly Square for squaring the frame while the glue dries. Self-Centering Bits for accurate pre-drilling of screw holes.

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