#18- Torsion Box Assembly Table

Here's the one you've all been waiting for! If you've seen my latest videos or if you've checked out the live webcam recently, you most likely got a good view of my new assembly table. And I haven't been able to go into too much detail about it....until now! In collaboration with our good friends over at FineWoodworking.com, we've created two project videos for your viewing and building pleasure. Episode 18 covers the construction of the Torsion Box Top and Episode 19 covers the construction of the base. (UPDATE: A correction was made to the plan download on Tuesday, June 3, to reflect the correct dimensions of the torsion-box top.) If you like what you see and you are inspired to build your very own assembly table, downloadable plans are available at FineWoodworking.com. You can also view shorter versions of the videos right on the Finewoodworking.com site. But the full video will only be available here at TheWoodWhisperer.com.

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