ALEC's Undisclosed Influence On Wisconsin Government

Corporate money may have illegally influenced Wisconsin's state government says a report from the Center for Media and Democracy in Madison, Wisconsin.

It's report on the influence of the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) in Wisconsin details how at least 17 legislators have received thousands of dollars in gifts from the corporations that pay for ALEC and those gifts have often not been disclosed to the public.

According to the report:
"ALEC has created a “scholarship” scheme to help cover the costs for legislators to travel to out-of- state resorts for these meetings, where the children of lawmakers and lobbyists are entertained and state legislators and their spouses are wined and dined. On these trips, ALEC arranges “task force” meetings that take place behind closed doors, away from the view of the press and public, where corporate lobbyists and elected officials vote as equals on 'model' legislative templates to change the laws in states across the country."

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