The Totally Cool Show!!: Season Two-Episode Six

It's the season finale of The Totally Cool Show and Desi and Ty had wanted to go out with a bang. So this episode, they have went to a special concert for the cast of Camp Rock 2: The Final Jam and had taked pictures of it for all the TCS fans to see. On behalf of Desi and Ty, they would like to thank you for tuning in the past two seasons and wishes you to return when season three arrives. Until then, enjoy the rest of the summer. :)

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The Totally Cool Show!!!

Welcome everyone to the first episode of the 'Totally Cool' Show!! Starring my two little ones, Desi and Ty. Inspired by iCarly. It's all about the kids in these shows. Watch as you see things thru the minds of a 9 and 6 year old. It's going to be a fun ride where each episode has some funny segments, video game previews, visits to different and exciting places and a music video to end off each show. So, sit back kiddies and enjoy this ride!!!